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Jewish Owl of the Week

Sasha Avchukov

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Hometown: Marietta, GA
Class Year: 2019
Major: Journalism and Emerging Media
Chabad President
Sinai Scholar

You are the current President; what made you want to take on this role? After being on the board the past few semesters, I saw firsthand the positive impact Chabad has on Jewish students here and I want to contribute!

What do you want to see happen during your Presidency for Chabad? The main goal is to make sure every Jewish student has a place where they always feel welcome and like they are part of a family. I hope to see more and more Jewish students getting involved and having happy, memorable experiences.

What are some of the programs you are implementing at Chabad? And why are you doing this? We introduced Café Chabad this semester, a weekly open house where we serve lunch and welcome students to hang out, study, and take a break from their busy days. I want Jewish students to have a community right on campus and Café Chabad has been successful in that! Also, we are having our second Shabbat 100 on April 20th this year and we hope to have a great turnout. Some other programs we’ve had this semester: JewQ Trivia Night, Ladies Nights, and a leadership workshop!

What it is like to work alongside Rabbi and Nechami? Rabbi and Nechami are extremely dedicated to creating a warm environment for Jewish students here and I admire and appreciate them so much! It’s an honor to work with them.

How would you describe Chabad to someone who has never participated in any events? Chabad is fun, friendly, and a great place to meet other Jewish students. I know the people I’ve met at Chabad are going to be lifelong friends.

Where do you prefer to study and how do you balance classes? I mostly study at Starbucks or the library. Time management can be challenging, but since I like what I’m studying, it makes class enjoyable.

Aside from your busy schedule, what do you do for fun? I enjoy hanging out with friends, drinking coffee, and going out dancing. (also playing Fortnite J)

After attending the NYC Shabbaton twice, highlight some of your favorite moments. Both the 2016 and 2017 Shabbatons were eye-opening experiences. I learned a lot about Judaism, and the positive energy I felt was amazing. A highlight was simply being in Crown Heights surrounded by so many friendly people.

What are your future goals? Where do see yourself after Kennesaw? I hope to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and hopefully work for a major news network. It all depends where life takes me!

Favorite Jewish Food? Latkes!

Dr. Carol Holtz

Honorary Jewish Owl of the Week: 

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Dr. Carol Holtz
Chabad Faculty Advisor

Why don’t you start by telling us your background education? How long have you been teaching, and what made you want to go into this career path? Well, I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I ended up following my husband to Atlanta who was doing a Residency at Emory. We had a child born in Cincinnati, and then another in Atlanta. Eventually, my husband was drafted into the Navy and I moved to Texas with my husband and children where I taught nursing. However, we ended up back in Atlanta, where I had our third child. I went back to school at Georgia State to get my Masters in nursing, and then I taught at KSU for a while. However, I ended up back at Georgia State to get my PHD. I’ve now been teaching for 36 years, and will retire in July. I’ve taught in mostly the undergraduate, but I have worked in other areas as well. Additionally, I’ve taken students to different hospitals and clinics to get experience for their clinicals. My favorite place to take the students is Grady.

What accomplishment over the course of your career are you most proud of? A lot of different things. Right now, I’m the chair of Public Health for Cobb and Douglas Counties. It’s a big responsibility. I’m also the Associate Journal Editor of the International Journal of Transcultural Nursing. Additionally, I have a contract to write a 4th edition to my textbook. Another thing I am proud of, is the study abroad program I have been doing for 23 years. I take nursing students for 2 weeks to Oaxaca, Mexico. These trips helped me to master Spanish. I am almost fluent.

What are some of the things that you have seen change at KSU? The student body and campus has grown. As of now, we have undergraduate and graduate programs. I’m also happy to say that we now have a huge Jewish presence.

Tell us about your family and background.  We joined the Etz Chaim Congregation in 1980. In fact, my granddaughter is about to have her Bat Mitzvah there. To discuss my family, I have three children who are all married, and 13 grandchildren. I do family dinner every few weeks to get everybody together. Also, about me, I love to travel, with KSU or with my husband. I am actually going to Cuba with KSU very soon.

Tell us something that a lot of people would be shocked to know about you? A fun fact about myself, is the fact that I took a few courses at KSU, and didn’t tell anyone I was a professor. One of the courses was Medical Spanish.

So many Jewish students admire you and respect you for keeping the Jewish spark alive, even before Chabad existed on this campus. As the Chabad faculty advisor, tell us why you are so passionate about this organization? I worked with The Dean of the Business School who was Jewish, and we invited Jewish students to meet with us. I think any Jewish presence on this campus is important, and I will support it in every way that I can.

You have been incredibly supportive of the work of Chabad on Campus and Rabbi Zalman & Nechami, can you share with us how that came about to be and what prompted you to make it your mission to see Chabad succeed here at Kennesaw State? I had a friend who got me in touch with Rabbi and Nechami. In fact, Rabbi randomly came and knocked on my door in West Cobb, and I was thrilled to see him and discuss KSU’s Jewish life. I remember he only had three children then, when I went to his home for a Sukkot dinner. I think Rabbi and his family are so delightful. He has the greatest wife and the most well-behaved kids.

You have been to many Chabad dinners and events; how would you describe the feel of this organization? It’s like being with a family. I don’t feel like an outsider, I feel at home and very connected here. At Chabad, I don’t have to worry about what I say, or what I eat. I also like bringing my husband to Chabad, as he is emotionally connected to Judaism. Rabbi and his wife are just a special family. They show by example, and reach out to students which is truly wonderful.

What are your hopes for the Jewish students here on campus? I hope they spread the word, and I hope more Jewish people get involved. I think having a sukkot, or a table on campus makes Jewish students want to be connected. The connection is there, and part of our job is to educate the faculty and students about Judaism. Let’s be the example.

Where do you see Chabad in five years from now? I want to see the Chabad house on campus, and even more students belonging to this organization. I want the students to be proud of their identity. I want this generation of students to continue in Judaism, and have a background in Jewish knowledge. I want students to feel how I felt as a little girl, where I was surrounded by Judaism.

Can you share a message for the parents of students involved with Chabad? I think they should be proud of their children for connecting and getting involved in Chabad. Parents should get their Jewish students connected with this organization. It’s where they meet their best friends and possible spouses.

What are your thoughts about the recent property purchase and future Chabad building? I think it’s very exciting. It’s the progress that KSU is aiming for. The culture of Judaism will be on campus, and that is what we need. Jewish people will now continue to expand in Cobb county. The Jewish growth reflects on this campus. I feel that the new generation has changed the Jewish presence.

Why do you feel it is important that the general Jewish community and parents get behind this project with solid financial support? Well, it’s going to take a lot more people to make this actually happen. Unfortunately, the students can’t support it. This Jewish home needs to be on campus. It’s time.

Any message for your fellow Jewish faculty members? I think they need to make their identity known and not be avoiding. They should make the connection on campus. For example, I want my students to know I’m Jewish so they can reach out to me if they want.

What is your advice for aspiring teachers? I think they are going to need to connect to Chabad and other organizations and become leaders. They will have to give time out of their personal life to become part of the community.

After years of teaching, what do you think are the traits of a successful college student? Well they have to be physically and mentally stable and enthusiastic about their studies. It’s a competitive world, and they must study. They also must take care of themselves.  

Your final contribution to KSU, is being on the search committee for the new President of KSU? Can you tell us about that? What are you looking for? Someone who is open minded and academically sound. We want someone who embraces a variety of cultures, races, and religions. Our future President needs to be open about expanding, not just in numbers but in quality. This president will need to extend themselves and push what we need.

Leaving such a career is probably going to be a big adjustment, what are your plans after your retirement? I’ll start with, that it is entirely my choice to retire. In fact, they are asking me to stay. But it’s time, because of my age. I want to stop now, while I’m well, so I can enjoy my life. There are other things I want to do, and I’m not going to live forever. As of now, I do not have much flexibility because I teach all year round. I am looking forward to visiting family who are scattered around the country, instead of just a phone call. I also have 3 academic things I’m going to take with me, as I mentioned previously, so I’ll still be busy. It’s crazy to think that when I started at KSU, I had babysitters for my kids in the evening, but now I have fully grown, married children.

What are your final statements about Chabad and the importance Jewish life on this campus? It’s essential, and I think that the student body that is Jewish need to connect. Jewish faculty and students need to support each other.

Lastly, what is your favorite Jewish food? What I’m eating right now, pastrami with brown mustard on rye bread! Matzo ball soup is another favorite.

Doron Zarur


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Full Name: Doron Jacob Zarur 
Hometown: Kfar Saba, Israel
Class Year: 1st year (Technically 4th year)
Major: Architecture

Unlike most of our Jewish owls, you are Israeli! Can you tell us about your life back home in Israel? Studying Architecture major doesn’t leave you with a lot of free time. But when I had free time, I was hanging out with family and friends, swimming, and working. But mostly I loved to surf in the Mediterranean sea.

What made you move to America and study at KSU? I love travelling and this is one of my stops as I attempt to travel the world.  While I am here I am finishing my degree in architecture.

What is one of your favorite aspects of living here so far? The independence I have and being able to live by myself.

Tell us what you miss the most about Israel?   I miss my family and being at the beach.

How has Chabad at KSU changed your college experience?  Rabbi Zalman and Nechami welcomed me and made me feel right at home. KSU is a big place and it can be a bit overwhelming, through Chabad I met a group of interesting people, and I  reconnected with my Jewish roots.

Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to and why?  India! I travelled there between semesters during my second year at college in Israel.  I was there for two months. When I arrived in New Delhi, my phone died and I had two choices:  1) Buy a new phone. 2) Continue without a phone, that means no pictures, no music, no clock, no connection with friends in the trip or with family.  I took the 2nd choice and it was the best 2 months of my life!

Do you plan to stay here after you graduate?  Yes, but I will want my kids to join the IDF in Israel.

What keeps you coming back to Shabbat dinner at Chabad every week?  The good vibes from the people, the deep questions from the Rabbi, and the great food. 

Micah Greifinger

 Micah Greifinger

Full Name: Micah Alexander Greifinger
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Class Year: 2021
Major: Nursing

Can you tell me your favorite part about KSU thus far?  I love the people, the diversity, and the rigors that KSU has to offer.
You are a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi; tell us what your fraternity means to you.  To me it means I always have a great group of faithful and supportive brothers at my side.
How would you describe yourself to someone who does not know you?  I am easy going, studious, and funny.
If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would that be? And why?   Hawaii, I have never been to Hawaii and I want to experience the beaches.
What was your first Chabad event? Can you share your first impression of the organization?  The welcome back BBQ. It was amazing to see such a wonderful Jewish group of people in the same place.
If you could change or upgrade anything about Kennesaw State University, what would that be? Why?  The cellular service, I can never get any service on campus.
What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions/holiday?  My favorite holiday is Hanukah, I love seeing all my family together enjoying a festive meal.
Why would you encourage other Jewish students to get involved with Chabad?  You have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through Chabad. The real question is, why not?
Who is your Jewish Hero? Why?  My grandmother, she is an inspiring and amazing woman.
Favorite Jewish Food? Matzo Brei 

Liana Lipinsky

 Jewish Owl of the Week Spring 2018 (1).png

Full Name: Liana Lipinsky
Hometown: Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Class Year:  Junior, May 2019
Major: Culinary, Sustainability, and Hospitality

How would you describe yourself to someone who does not know you?
I am caring, outgoing, friendly, and always searching for new adventures.
If you could start college all over again, what would you do differently?
I would get more involved on campus. I would join Greek life and non-profit organizations.
What is your favorite childhood memory?
Riding bikes throughout the neighborhood with my friends.
Can you tell us your dream job?
To own an international bistro in California.
How has Kennesaw State University changed your life?
Kennesaw State has really opened my eyes to the diversity we have on campus, and how I am okay to view myself as a Jew because there is good size Jewish community on campus.
Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to, and why?
Costa Rica. I loved the experiences and memories I made there. We went zip lining, horseback riding, and ate a lot of good food.
What has been your favorite event with Chabad over the last few semesters and why?
I enjoyed the Torah and Tea with the ladies. It was nice to just be around other Jewish females, and the conversation we had over Torah. I felt more comfortable sharing my opinion with the other ladies.
What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions/holiday?
Rosh Hashanah because it’s the Jewish New Year. I love having apples and honey to start off the New Year. Being around family and sharing memories and stories from the past year, and sharing what we want to see for ourselves in the New Year.
Why would you encourage Jewish students to get involved with Chabad?
I would encourage students to get involved with Chabad because they always have fun and interactive events. Shabbat dinners which are always so yummy, and overall the positive vibes you get being around other Jews is like no other. You feel at home when you’re at Chabad.
What does Chabad mean to you?
Chabad for me is like a piece of home. Every time I go, I always have fun catching up with my friends and practicing my Jewish traditions. The Rabbi and Nechami are super friendly and make everyone feel at home.
Favorite Jewish Food?


Zach Sternberg

EOY Campaign #1 (5).png

Full Name:
Zachary Doron Sternberg
Hometown: Marietta
Class Year: 2019
Major: Mechanical Engineering (Minor in Nuclear Engineering)
You are the first Jewish Owl of the semester! Tell us some of your goals for this Spring term.  I intend on getting good grades and learning as much as I can. I also want to try starting a little indoor garden because I’ve been interested ever since reading/watching The Martian, and I feel like I need some more oxygen in my house.
What is something interesting about yourself that people would be surprised to know about you? My biggest dream is to walk on a different planet or moon. I’m not sure how surprising that is though because I kind of talk about it a lot. Here’s an interesting one; I think about the movie Inside Out pretty often. I think it’s a genius concept and love thinking about my memories and emotions and how my perception of them as well as how they manifest themselves via my personality changes with time. I can go on for days but suffice it to say 10/10 would recommend!
If you could change anything about KSU, what would that be and why? Easiest question ever: Combine the campuses.
You are a brother of AEPI, so what has been your favorite aspect of being in this fraternity? Brotherhood. It’s an aspect that I downplayed for the two and a half years I spent in college before joining. Now that I have been a member for a year, I truly appreciate the value of the relationships I have built with my brothers.
What makes you come back to Chabad events and dinners every time? The people. I first started going because I felt like I hadn’t made enough new friends in college. Now I have great relationships with everyone who attends. I also especially love Rabbi Zalman. I feel like his joyous energy matches mine and because of that, he really speaks to me.
What do you want to do after college?  Well a job would be nice! My plan right now is to work for a few years, and then pursue a graduate degree.  
What is one of your proudest moments as a Jew?  Definitely the six months I spent in Israel after high school. I’ll always cherish those days and the people I spent them with all while living and traveling throughout the land of my ancestors.
What is one of your favorite Jewish tradition/holiday? Saying the Shemah before bed. I used to do this with my mom every night and will definitely do the same with my kids.
Favorite Jewish Food? I’m going to have to go with my sister Kelsey on this one. Chocolate covered matzah all the way!

Erick Mulicandov

Erick Mulicandov 2.png

Hometown: Queens, New York
Class Year: 2019
Major: Business Finance
Chabad President  
Sinai Scholars Fellow

Who is currently your biggest role model? My dad. He shows me how nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it.
If you could tell yourself one important piece of advice coming into college, what would that be? Put in the work to get good grades, and take as many classes as you can in the beginning, don't wait for the end. Get involved in an internship or job surrounding your field of interest to gain experience.
You are a very active member of Chabad on campus, and you are the current President; can you tell us what inspired you to get this involved with Chabad? My first impressions of Chabad were truly a gift of warmth and family where everyone cares about each other and encourages personal growth. I wanted to spread the gift to everyone around me and help Chabad help every Jewish student grow!
How would you describe the atmosphere of a Shabbat dinner at Chabad? Totally filled with amazing energy radiating from everyone around the Shabbat dinner table as well as amazing food. There is never a time where I am not either meeting someone or catching up with a good friend.
Highlight some of your favorite moments of the NYC Shabbaton’s you have been on. Shabbaton is Chabad on steroids. It is a completely thrilling experience filled with warmth and hospitality by EVERYONE. During the Havdalah Ceremony (Concluding the Shabbat), everyone gathers together, and there is just a huge flame of energy filled in this room with 1300 students from all around the world. I can’t even begin to talk about how many close friends I have met on the Shabbatons.
Give us two reasons why every Jewish student should participate in Sinai Scholars, like you did. Sinai Scholars takes your Jewish knowledge and understanding to another level. We dug deeper into our Judaism and explored the fundamentals behind our practice through open discussion and very entertaining classes that truly helped me understand more about the “why” behind Judaism.
Why would you encourage Jewish students on campus to participate in Chabad events? Chabad events are the best social opportunities for new students arriving to campus, and a great way to just spend time and hangout with good friends. The Rabbi and Nechami are unbelievably warm and caring for each and every student on campus. Don’t let me get started on the food that is served at every event!!
What is your favorite Jewish holiday or tradition?
Simchat Torah! No better time to celebrate the the Torah and Jewish pride!
What would you say is the key to success?
The key to success is simple: Hard work, persistence and dedication will get you to any destination. You have to want be successful as much as you want to breathe, and work to make that happen. Never give up and work hard! 
What is a transformative experience that you have had at Chabad?  
I started keeping Shabbat which has its difficulties but I truly love it and hope to keep it close throughout my life.
What are some of your plans for after you graduate?
My plans are to get involved with Real Estate Development. I hope to make contributions to this world that will make a big difference.
Tell us how has your leadership role at Chabad helped you become a better person? Being the president of the Chabad, and being by the side of the Rabbi and Nechami, have truly shaped my leadership skills. By working on different events and programs, I have learned how to be more efficient and organized when conducting meetings and delegating. This is something that I know I will be able to take with me throughout my life.
Favorite Jewish Food?
Chanukah is around the corner. I love me some Sufganiyot! (Those super soft jelly filled donuts)

Benjamin Perlow

 Ben Perlow.png

Full Name: Benjamin Hy Perlow
Hometown: Norcross, Ga
Class Year: 2020
Major: Finance

Can you tell us your favorite part about KSU thus far? All of the new people I have met at KSU has been my favorite part.
What do you find the most difficult aspect of being a college student?  Time management, it’s difficult to balance your school work with your social life.
How would you describe yourself to someone who does not know you? I am a very easy going person. I love all kinds of movies and listening and playing to music.
If you could have one super power, what would that be? Why?
My super power would be telekinesis because I am lazy, and I would never have to move to get stuff.
You are involved with Chabad on campus. What was your first impression of the organization? I think it is a great organization that helps bring young Jews together.
You recently went to NYC with Chabad to the 2017 Pegisha. Tell us about the highlights of the trip.  I thought the best part was being able to run around Crown Heights! We got to see one of the biggest Jewish hubs in the world!
What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions/holiday? My favorite holiday is Hanukkah.  
Why would you encourage Jewish students to get involved with Chabad? Because Chabad gives you the chance to meet and connect with Jewish people your own age!
Favorite Jewish Food?
Matzah  brei  

Devon Flack

 Devon Flack.png

Full Name: Devon Flack
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Class Year: 2018
Major: Hospitality
Can you share with us, your most meaningful and enjoyable part of your college career so far?  Meeting amazing people and getting to take some really unique classes.
Who is currently your biggest role model? My parents are my biggest role models.
If you’re not in classes, what else are you doing? Tell us some of your favorite hobbies/activities? Singing, going to concerts and theater productions, reading, hanging with friends, working out at the gym or hiking.
What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions/holiday? Having a traditional Shabbat dinner with my family every Friday night.
Why would you encourage Jewish students to get involved with Chabad? They get to feel as though they have a second home while in college, meet some really cool people, and learn a lot about Judaism.
What advice would you give to a freshman starting at KSU? Be adventurous.
What is your favorite spot on campus? It’s a tie between The Green and the Social Science Starbucks lounge.
What are your plans for after you graduate? Find a job in event planning/coordinating or go to Graduate School.
Favorite Jewish Food?  Matzah Ball Soup.

Carrie Bohn

Carrie Bohn.png 

Full Name: Carrie Rose Bohn
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Class Year: 2018
Major: Human Services
Can you tell us something interesting about yourself that people would be surprises to know about you? People would be surprised to know that I was born on Yom Kippur!
What is your favorite place that you have traveled to, and why? 
My favorite place I have visited is definitely Jerusalem. I loved being surrounded by all of the historic sites, and also the great nightlife.
If you could change anything about KSU, what would that be and why?  If I could change anything about KSU it would definitely be my class times. As a HS major we only have one class available per section, and they are often only once a week classes for 2 hours and 45 minutes.
How has Greek life changed your college life at KSU? I entered KSU as a transfer sophomore and I basically knew no one. Greek life gave me the opportunity to meet people that I might not have gotten the chance to get to know otherwise.
If you could start college all over again, what would you do differently? To be honest, I’d probably change my major.
What makes you come back to Chabad events and dinners every time? I love getting to be surrounded by all of my close friends, and spend time with Rabbi and his family!
Can you tell me about your job on the Chabad Board?
On the Chabad board I serve as the Israel Programming and Advocacy Committee Chair. With my position, I am able to create learning opportunities for students on campus about Israel and how amazing it is.
What do you want to do after college?
After college I would love to take some time off to travel and live my life to the fullest. After traveling, I would like to hopefully stay in Atlanta and work here.
What is one of your favorite Jewish tradition/holiday?
My favorite Jewish Holiday has to be Chanukah. I love the time of the year, and getting to celebrate with all of my family. 
Favorite Jewish Food
Kugel. Duh.

Leora Robbins

 Leora Robbins

Full Name: Leora Chaya Robbins
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Class Year: Fall 2018
Major: Early Childhood Education
You have been a big part of the Chabad family for years, tell us what keeps you coming back?  At first, I went to Chabad to celebrate the holidays, and light the Shabbat candles, but it quickly became more than that. The Charytan’s became family. I love spending time with them, and watching the kids grow over the years.
Are you named after someone? If so, who?  Yes, I’m named after my maternal great grandmother Leona and my paternal great aunt Idlene, whose Hebrew name was Chaya Rivka.
As an Early Childhood Education major, tell us what you are most looking forward to within your future career? I am looking forward to making a positive impact on children’s lives. It’s so important when children are developing to have a good mentor, and I hope I can be that for them.
What is the most difficult aspect of college for you?  The most difficult part of college is not procrastinating on getting assignments done. I’ve done well in my classes, but there are nights I may not get much sleep because I’m working on homework due that day.
If could start college all over again, what would you do differently?  If I could start over, I wouldn’t do much differently. Though, I would like to have known more about certifications I could have added to my degree, like ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages), to help me be a more knowledgeable and proficient teacher.
What do you love most about the Jewish life on campus?   I love to see how much Chabad has grown. My freshman year, we could fit at the large table in the living room for Shabbat dinner. Now, we need multiple tables for an average size Shabbat dinner.
Why should other Jewish students get involved with Chabad?  Chabad is welcoming to all students. It doesn’t matter what one’s level of observance is, it just matters that you’re there, celebrating, being happy and a proud Jew.
Lastly, we want to highlight all you have done with Chabad. Can you reflect on your time spent at the Charytan’s home, helping to prepare for Shabbat?   Since this is my fourth year here, there are times I feel like I’ve lived at the house. Most Thursday nights I’ll be there to help prep for Shabbat dinner. Then Friday nights, I’ll be there early to help finish getting ready and of course light the Shabbat candles. There are plenty of other times I’m over there for one thing or another, but I’ve always enjoyed being there. I’ve learned many recipes and techniques for cooking. Though, my favorite food/technique I learned was the different challah braids. I recall one time even racing Nechami to see who could braid faster… it was a tie.
Favorite Jewish Food? My favorite Jewish food is probably homemade challah.

Roman Avchukov

 Untitled design.png

Full Name: Roman Avchukov
Hometown: East Cobb GA
Class Year: 2021
Major: Undecided

How would you describe yourself to someone who does not know you? To someone that doesn’t know me, I would describe myself as energetic, quirky, caring, and thoughtful. 

What are some things you enjoy? I enjoy being outside, eating good food, listening to music, spending meaningful times with close friends, and experiencing new things. 

Who is your role model? Why?  My grandpa is my role model. He has experienced a great deal of struggle in his life to create a better life for himself and future generations of our family. I look up to him a great deal because I admire his intelligence, courage, and the positive attitude he has every single day. 

What has been the most difficult aspect of college thus far in your semester? Keeping up with due dates for grades has been difficult, but I’ll get used to being more organized with time. 

What is your favorite childhood memory?  When I was a child, my family used to have an adopted dog named Frank. During the fall season, I would love to rake up enormous piles of leaves in my back yard and run through them laughing with Frank chasing me.  

Can you tell us your dream job?  I don’t have a specific dream job, but I would love to travel the world helping people in some way, and getting paid to do that would be amazing. 

Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to, and why? Israel is my favorite place I have traveled. As a Jew, I have a special connection to the land and its history. Being there makes you experience a sense of belonging and pure joy. 

Tell us your first impression of Chabad on Campus?   My first impression of Chabad was very inviting because of Rabbi Zalman Charytan, who is very approachable, caring, and concerned for all Jews attending Kennesaw State. 

What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions/holiday? One of my favorite Jewish holidays is Passover because the history behind the holiday holds a lot of meaning. 

Why would you encourage Jewish students to get involved with Chabad?  Being around people who you can relate to is very important to me. Everyone should come to Chabad in order to meet new people, and to be a part of the Jewish community. 

Favorite Jewish Food?  My favorite Jewish food is latkes with sour cream. 

Hannah Prass

 Hannah prass.png

Full Name: Hannah Prass
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Class Year: 2021
Major: Early Childhood Education

 You are the first Jewish Owl to be interviewed this Jewish New Year! Tell us one of your goals for the upcoming year? Keeping my grades up is definitely high on the list.

Can you tell me your favorite part about your first semester at KSU thus far? Getting to know and meet all these new people here at KSU has been amazing.

If you could do it again, would you still come to Kennesaw? Why or Why not? I would do it again and again, because the atmosphere here is exactly what I was looking for in a college.

How would you describe yourself to someone who does not know you? I am a friendly person, easy to talk to, and I’m always there for my friends.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would that be? And why? I would go to Japan in a heartbeat. It has always been an interesting place to me because of how beautiful every part of their ancient and modern culture is.

What was your first Chabad event? Can you share your first impression of the organization? My first Chabad event was the Welcome BBQ. I got to meet a ton of new friends, and see some that I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a great way to connect with everyone.

What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions/holiday? My favorite tradition is one that my family does. When my mom was a little girl, her father would take her to go get french fries to break the fast after Yom Kippur, and we still continue that little tradition today. After that, we go to a family friend’s house to celebrate and have a real meal.

Why would you encourage other Jewish students to get involved with Chabad? It is a great community where you have the opportunity to be with other Jews here at KSU.

Favorite Jewish Food? Classic Matzo Ball Soup. Any day.

Roei Gilad

 Roei Gilad.png

Full Name: Roei Ouri Gilad
Hometown: Alpharetta
Class Year: 2021
Major: Marketing

Unlike most of our Jewish owls, you are not from America. Can you tell me where you are from? I am from Jerusalem, Israel.
Tell me more about your family and background? My sister and I were born in Israel. My younger sister was born in San Antonio, Texas. My mom was born in Israel. My father was born in Santiago, Chile.  
Where do you spend most of your time on campus? Either The Commons or my dorm room.
Can you tell us an interesting fact that people would be surprised to know about you? I’m a huge San Antonio Spurs fan, on the account that I lived in San Antonio, Texas.
If you could pick any place in the world to travel to, where would that be, and why? I would travel to Australia, because it’s a part of the world unlike any other in its geography, wildlife, and culture. I also have some very close cousins that live there.
How has Chabad at KSU changed your college experience? It has allowed me to continue the Jewish practices that I would do back home, as well as connect me to so many Jewish people that I had no idea existed on campus.
Can you tell me your favorite part of the Jewish community on campus? The Chabad Shabbat dinners are always a blast.
Why would you encourage other Jewish students to get involved with Chabad? Because it allows you to connect with other Jewish students, and allows you to build strong bonds with that connection.
Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to and why? Israel, because apart from it being my homeland, it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, with the most amazing culture. Give me the opportunity, I could find full enjoyment in Israel by just staring at a scenic view for hours. 
What is your favorite Jewish food? This is by far the hardest question. It comes down between falafel, shawarma, and goulash.  

Lilli Jennison

 Lilli Jennison.png

Full Name: Lilli Jennison 
Hometown: Dunwoody, GA
Class Year: Graduating in Spring 2019
Major: Public Relations, Marketing Minor
Other: Sinai Scholars Fellow
Are you named after someone? If so, who?
I am named after my great-grandma Lillian. An interesting fact is that I was supposed to be born in January, but was 6 weeks early and ended up being born on the same day she passed away a few years later.
Where do you spend most of your time on campus? 
I spend most my time either in the Library or the Social Science building.
Can you tell us an interesting fact that people would be surprised to know about you?
When I was about 8, I won a shopping spree at Zany Brainy. I got a PlayStation 2, Game Boy Color, dollhouse, and a bunch of other things for free. The store also donated a copy of what I got to charity. 
If you could pick any place in the world to travel to, where would that be?
I want to visit the UK, Canada, and I would love to go back to Israel.
You are a Sinai Scholar, can you tell us about your experience in the class? Are you happy you participated?
I am so happy that I participated. I met a great group of people and learned a lot. I would suggest it to everyone!
Can you tell me your favorite part of the Jewish community on campus? My favorite part is we have so many opportunities. We are very lucky that we have two strong Jewish clubs. There are many types of events. There is something for everyone. I am lucky to be the Chabad Programming Chair, and will be helping to plan future Chabad events.
Why would you encourage other Jewish students to get involved with Chabad?
I believe every Jewish Owl should get involved with Chabad because it is our own on campus family. There is something here for everyone!
Who is your Jewish Hero? And Why?
My Jewish Hero is my grandfather. My grandpa survived through the holocaust. He lost most of his family during Hitler's rule. My grandfather is truly my hero for not giving up in hard times being forced to work in camps, and managed to make it out alive. When he came to America, he met my grandma at a party, they built their life in Scranton, PA, had two children, and ran a successful tailoring business. Even though my grandfather passed away in 2008, I still look up to everything he accomplished and hope I have the strength he had during the tough times. 
What is one of your proudest moments as a Jew?
When I was in Jerusalem with Birthright, we danced and sang in a circle in front of the Western Wall and we chanted, “Am Yisrael Chai!” It was a beautiful moment.
What is your favorite Jewish food?
Matzo ball soup!
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