Stephanie Birnbaum

Monday, 18 February, 2019 - 2:15 pm

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Full Name: Stephanie Birnbaum

Hometown: Marietta

Class Year: Junior

Major: Public Relations

You recently visited Israel on Birthright. Tell us your favorite part about your trip.

I went on Birthright over winter break, and there were so many amazing things. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be getting to experience Shabbat at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

If you could give incoming freshman college advice, what would that be?

Go to class and do your homework. Also it is possible to eat well and live in a dorm. You don’t need to survive on ramen.

What was your first impression of Chabad here at KSU?

I came to Shabbat dinner one night as a freshman, and I was amazed by the community.

When you aren’t in class, what are you doing?

During the summer, you’ll probably find me at a Braves game. Otherwise, I’m with my friends running around Atlanta or at various concerts.

What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions/holiday?   

Passover is my favorite holiday, easily. My family hosts Seder every year, and I love having my entire family around.

You are a big part of Kosher Cooking Club at Chabad. Tell us what a Thursday night preparing for Shabbat looks like?

It’s a lot of fun. I started going to Kosher cooking club my freshman year. I have not only learned how to braid challah, but made some awesome memories.

Why do you think other Jewish students should get involved with Chabad?

Chabad is a place where you can always find someone like you. Everyone has a different Jewish story, but having everyone come together on a Friday night is amazing. 

Where do see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully running promo and public relations for a professional sports team!

Favorite Jewish Food?

Koogle, hands down. 

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