Avery Green

Monday, 25 March, 2019 - 12:48 pm

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Full Name: Avery Green

Hometown: Cumming, Georgia

Class Year: 2022

Major: Marketing

Can you tell me your favorite part about KSU thus far? My favorite part of college has been being in AEPi, and meeting and growing close with all of the brothers.

What do you find the most difficult aspect of being a college student? The hardest part of college has been using my time in the most effective way.

You are a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi; tell us what your fraternity means to you.  I think being in Alpha Epsilon Pi has broadened my view on being Jewish, from growing up without it, to now having a group of other Jews who are similar to me. It really helped me adapt to college and become a better man.

If you’re not in class, what else are you doing? Tell us some of your favorite hobbies or activities. I love to grill and smoke barbecue. Also, I enjoy watching Netflix.

What was your first Chabad event? What was your first impression of the organization? My first Chabad event was the Welcome Back sushi event, and I was extremely impressed by how many different Jews were there. I was immediately brought in and treated like family.

If you could change or upgrade anything about Kennesaw State University, what would that be and why? I would add more options for classes, so there will not be any challenges with getting the classes you need.

What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions or holidays?  My favorite Jewish holiday is Hanukkah, because I enjoy getting together with friends and family and making and eating latkes.

Why would you encourage other Jewish students to get involved with Chabad? Chabad is super helpful to meet a lot of your closest friends.

Who is your Jewish hero and why?  I think my father is my Jewish hero, because he showed me how to grow up the right way.

Favorite Jewish Food? Bagels with lox! 

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