Jewish Owl of the Week

Sasha Avchukov

Jewish Owl of the Week Spring 2018 (2).png

Hometown: Marietta, GA
Class Year: 2019
Major: Journalism and Emerging Media
Chabad President
Sinai Scholar

You are the current President; what made you want to take on this role? After being on the board the past few semesters, I saw firsthand the positive impact Chabad has on Jewish students here and I want to contribute!

What do you want to see happen during your Presidency for Chabad? The main goal is to make sure every Jewish student has a place where they always feel welcome and like they are part of a family. I hope to see more and more Jewish students getting involved and having happy, memorable experiences.

What are some of the programs you are implementing at Chabad? And why are you doing this? We introduced Café Chabad this semester, a weekly open house where we serve lunch and welcome students to hang out, study, and take a break from their busy days. I want Jewish students to have a community right on campus and Café Chabad has been successful in that! Also, we are having our second Shabbat 100 on April 20th this year and we hope to have a great turnout. Some other programs we’ve had this semester: JewQ Trivia Night, Ladies Nights, and a leadership workshop!

What it is like to work alongside Rabbi and Nechami? Rabbi and Nechami are extremely dedicated to creating a warm environment for Jewish students here and I admire and appreciate them so much! It’s an honor to work with them.

How would you describe Chabad to someone who has never participated in any events? Chabad is fun, friendly, and a great place to meet other Jewish students. I know the people I’ve met at Chabad are going to be lifelong friends.

Where do you prefer to study and how do you balance classes? I mostly study at Starbucks or the library. Time management can be challenging, but since I like what I’m studying, it makes class enjoyable.

Aside from your busy schedule, what do you do for fun? I enjoy hanging out with friends, drinking coffee, and going out dancing. (also playing Fortnite J)

After attending the NYC Shabbaton twice, highlight some of your favorite moments. Both the 2016 and 2017 Shabbatons were eye-opening experiences. I learned a lot about Judaism, and the positive energy I felt was amazing. A highlight was simply being in Crown Heights surrounded by so many friendly people.

What are your future goals? Where do see yourself after Kennesaw? I hope to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and hopefully work for a major news network. It all depends where life takes me!

Favorite Jewish Food? Latkes!

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