Jewish Owl of the Week

Carrie Bohn

Carrie Bohn.png 

Full Name: Carrie Rose Bohn
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Class Year: 2018
Major: Human Services
Can you tell us something interesting about yourself that people would be surprises to know about you? People would be surprised to know that I was born on Yom Kippur!
What is your favorite place that you have traveled to, and why? 
My favorite place I have visited is definitely Jerusalem. I loved being surrounded by all of the historic sites, and also the great nightlife.
If you could change anything about KSU, what would that be and why?  If I could change anything about KSU it would definitely be my class times. As a HS major we only have one class available per section, and they are often only once a week classes for 2 hours and 45 minutes.
How has Greek life changed your college life at KSU? I entered KSU as a transfer sophomore and I basically knew no one. Greek life gave me the opportunity to meet people that I might not have gotten the chance to get to know otherwise.
If you could start college all over again, what would you do differently? To be honest, I’d probably change my major.
What makes you come back to Chabad events and dinners every time? I love getting to be surrounded by all of my close friends, and spend time with Rabbi and his family!
Can you tell me about your job on the Chabad Board?
On the Chabad board I serve as the Israel Programming and Advocacy Committee Chair. With my position, I am able to create learning opportunities for students on campus about Israel and how amazing it is.
What do you want to do after college?
After college I would love to take some time off to travel and live my life to the fullest. After traveling, I would like to hopefully stay in Atlanta and work here.
What is one of your favorite Jewish tradition/holiday?
My favorite Jewish Holiday has to be Chanukah. I love the time of the year, and getting to celebrate with all of my family. 
Favorite Jewish Food
Kugel. Duh.

Leora Robbins

 Leora Robbins

Full Name: Leora Chaya Robbins
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Class Year: Fall 2018
Major: Early Childhood Education
You have been a big part of the Chabad family for years, tell us what keeps you coming back?  At first, I went to Chabad to celebrate the holidays, and light the Shabbat candles, but it quickly became more than that. The Charytan’s became family. I love spending time with them, and watching the kids grow over the years.
Are you named after someone? If so, who?  Yes, I’m named after my maternal great grandmother Leona and my paternal great aunt Idlene, whose Hebrew name was Chaya Rivka.
As an Early Childhood Education major, tell us what you are most looking forward to within your future career? I am looking forward to making a positive impact on children’s lives. It’s so important when children are developing to have a good mentor, and I hope I can be that for them.
What is the most difficult aspect of college for you?  The most difficult part of college is not procrastinating on getting assignments done. I’ve done well in my classes, but there are nights I may not get much sleep because I’m working on homework due that day.
If could start college all over again, what would you do differently?  If I could start over, I wouldn’t do much differently. Though, I would like to have known more about certifications I could have added to my degree, like ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages), to help me be a more knowledgeable and proficient teacher.
What do you love most about the Jewish life on campus?   I love to see how much Chabad has grown. My freshman year, we could fit at the large table in the living room for Shabbat dinner. Now, we need multiple tables for an average size Shabbat dinner.
Why should other Jewish students get involved with Chabad?  Chabad is welcoming to all students. It doesn’t matter what one’s level of observance is, it just matters that you’re there, celebrating, being happy and a proud Jew.
Lastly, we want to highlight all you have done with Chabad. Can you reflect on your time spent at the Charytan’s home, helping to prepare for Shabbat?   Since this is my fourth year here, there are times I feel like I’ve lived at the house. Most Thursday nights I’ll be there to help prep for Shabbat dinner. Then Friday nights, I’ll be there early to help finish getting ready and of course light the Shabbat candles. There are plenty of other times I’m over there for one thing or another, but I’ve always enjoyed being there. I’ve learned many recipes and techniques for cooking. Though, my favorite food/technique I learned was the different challah braids. I recall one time even racing Nechami to see who could braid faster… it was a tie.
Favorite Jewish Food? My favorite Jewish food is probably homemade challah.

Roman Avchukov

 Untitled design.png

Full Name: Roman Avchukov
Hometown: East Cobb GA
Class Year: 2021
Major: Undecided

How would you describe yourself to someone who does not know you? To someone that doesn’t know me, I would describe myself as energetic, quirky, caring, and thoughtful. 

What are some things you enjoy? I enjoy being outside, eating good food, listening to music, spending meaningful times with close friends, and experiencing new things. 

Who is your role model? Why?  My grandpa is my role model. He has experienced a great deal of struggle in his life to create a better life for himself and future generations of our family. I look up to him a great deal because I admire his intelligence, courage, and the positive attitude he has every single day. 

What has been the most difficult aspect of college thus far in your semester? Keeping up with due dates for grades has been difficult, but I’ll get used to being more organized with time. 

What is your favorite childhood memory?  When I was a child, my family used to have an adopted dog named Frank. During the fall season, I would love to rake up enormous piles of leaves in my back yard and run through them laughing with Frank chasing me.  

Can you tell us your dream job?  I don’t have a specific dream job, but I would love to travel the world helping people in some way, and getting paid to do that would be amazing. 

Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to, and why? Israel is my favorite place I have traveled. As a Jew, I have a special connection to the land and its history. Being there makes you experience a sense of belonging and pure joy. 

Tell us your first impression of Chabad on Campus?   My first impression of Chabad was very inviting because of Rabbi Zalman Charytan, who is very approachable, caring, and concerned for all Jews attending Kennesaw State. 

What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions/holiday? One of my favorite Jewish holidays is Passover because the history behind the holiday holds a lot of meaning. 

Why would you encourage Jewish students to get involved with Chabad?  Being around people who you can relate to is very important to me. Everyone should come to Chabad in order to meet new people, and to be a part of the Jewish community. 

Favorite Jewish Food?  My favorite Jewish food is latkes with sour cream. 

Hannah Prass

 Hannah prass.png

Full Name: Hannah Prass
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Class Year: 2021
Major: Early Childhood Education

 You are the first Jewish Owl to be interviewed this Jewish New Year! Tell us one of your goals for the upcoming year? Keeping my grades up is definitely high on the list.

Can you tell me your favorite part about your first semester at KSU thus far? Getting to know and meet all these new people here at KSU has been amazing.

If you could do it again, would you still come to Kennesaw? Why or Why not? I would do it again and again, because the atmosphere here is exactly what I was looking for in a college.

How would you describe yourself to someone who does not know you? I am a friendly person, easy to talk to, and I’m always there for my friends.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would that be? And why? I would go to Japan in a heartbeat. It has always been an interesting place to me because of how beautiful every part of their ancient and modern culture is.

What was your first Chabad event? Can you share your first impression of the organization? My first Chabad event was the Welcome BBQ. I got to meet a ton of new friends, and see some that I hadn’t seen in a while. It was a great way to connect with everyone.

What is one of your favorite Jewish traditions/holiday? My favorite tradition is one that my family does. When my mom was a little girl, her father would take her to go get french fries to break the fast after Yom Kippur, and we still continue that little tradition today. After that, we go to a family friend’s house to celebrate and have a real meal.

Why would you encourage other Jewish students to get involved with Chabad? It is a great community where you have the opportunity to be with other Jews here at KSU.

Favorite Jewish Food? Classic Matzo Ball Soup. Any day.

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